Our People

Our People

From your very first day at Village Kids Cooya Beach, you will feel a real sense of belonging. Our educators pride themselves on this and work to ensure that every child receives an education that is completely tailored to their needs. We have dedicated our entire lives to helping children start theirs in the best possible way and assist them to develop new skills, build on their learning, and grow in confidence each day.

Meet Our Centre Manager

Bridget Bennett

Centre Manager

Years in childcare: 26

Qualifications: Bachelor of Honours Degree in Early Childhood Studies, Post Graduate Degree in Primary Education

What makes you passionate about working in childcare? It's a privilege to be part of each child's life who attends our centre and to develop a relationship of trust with the children and their families is wonderful. I believe working with children is one of the very few jobs where your "clientele" will genuinely say they love you and give you a hug on a regular basis!! No two days are ever the same when you work with children - this makes it exciting, rewarding, challenging and fresh each day.

What are my most memorable moments working with children? Having worked with children for so long now I should be able to write a book - there are so many wonderful moments! Being told you're the best teacher ever in the whole wide world is definitely a highlight! All the hugs that have been given to me unconditionally and the notes from parents saying I have made a difference to their child is just amazing. Having a group of 4 year old’s spellbound by a story you are telling them is pretty special too!

Why is our centre an excellent choice for a parent seeking childcare? I can guarantee you will be welcomed to Cooya Beach as though you were part of our family. My guiding philosophy is that all the staff will treat your child as we would want our own children to be treated - with love, care and patience, whilst helping them to develop the life skills they need to become independent learners.